A few words from the Company President

La Cave de Charnay-Lès-Macon has, for decades, brought together wine-growers passionate about their work and their products. La Cave de Charnay-Lès-Mâcon has therefore been able to invest and offer a range, developed over many years, of fifteen or so appellations representative of the South Burgundy area; called the Mâconnais.

As wine-growers going back several generations, we are proud to present to you, amid the finest examples of Burgundy appellations, our Pouilly-Fuissé, Saint-Véran, Viré-Clessé, Mâcon-Charnay Blanc, Bourgogne Aligoté, but also our Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Mâcon-Charnay Rouge, Mâcon Rosé, Beaujolais Villages, Saint-Amour and Juliénas, in addition to our inimitable Crémant de Bourgogne.

We can thus offer you an authentic tour of South Burgundy.


Company President


Charnay Les Macon

Founded in 1929, the “Cave” is the equivalent of one large Domain with 70 members on 140 hectares in the districts of Charnay-Lès-Mâcon, Prissé, Hurigny, etc. It produces about ten white appellations, representing three-quarters of the volume produced, and eight red appellations.

Ideally situated in the south of Burgundy, thus ensuring plenty of sun for its vines and a certain fruitiness to its wines, the Cave has become recognized by its peers in the region.

Close to the Mâcon region, Cave de Charnay-Lès-Mâcon has always been keen to promote the flagship appellations of the region: Macon-Charnay Blanc, of course, but also Bourgogne Aligoté, Viré-Clessé, Saint-Véran, Pouilly-Fuissé, Macon-Charnay Rouge, Bourgogne Pinot Noir, Beaujolais Villages, Juliénas, Saint-Amour and the inimitable Crémant de Bourgogne.

It requires all the talent and know-how of growers who are both passionate about their work and adore the Mâconnais region to be able to produce, year after year, original wines of irreproachable and reliable quality that regularly distinguish themselves in national competitions and wine guides.

As wine experts, the wine-growers of Cave de Charnay-Lès-Mâcon have a full range of 15 appellations, grown and cared for under the best Burgundy traditions. They offer a complete palette of tastes, rich in the charms and flavors of this land like no other.

For your leisure and weekend destinations, the winery is ideally located in lush countryside at the start of the Macon-Cluny Voie verte (former railway line), opposite La Roche du Solutré. The footpaths of Val Lamartinien, or a tour of Romanesque churches, will provide you with a change of scenery in a cultural and touristic setting that is both authentic and varied.